Gain flexibility, improve performance, and rise up cost benefit!

Sure, you have lots of data but what good is data if you cannot get the information you need.

And what new information could you unlock if you could actually consolidate numerous disparate databases into one?

X10SYS is bringing to market a technology that attains the ultimate goal in data management. It is the only truly associative atomic database model where each piece of information is atomic in nature and can be associated with any other piece of information

Get The Information You Want … When You Want!

We are also able to clean data efficiently. If there is an error, you can just right click and rename it. Every associated datum will also be changed all at once, whether one or one million.

Finally, there's a better way! By associating data in a structure-less paradigm, a very flexible and dynamic platform is created. This revolutionary platform easily allows data to be added and represented in new ways without disrupting the existing structure of the information

X10SYS = Safe Investment

Simple data models are based on logical business information and are constructed through concept maps. This eliminates the expensive resources normally required to build relational entity-relationships and dimensional models. All ETL process time and cost can be greatly reduced.

Agile software development and data warehouse techniques are fully supported. The X10SYS platform follows agile software development for rapid and incremental delivery of business functionality. The associative data warehouse can reduce or eliminate many of the steps connected with building a traditional data warehouse or business intelligence (BI) project.
Fast parallel processing capable and Non in-memory associative processing enable complex queries over massive secure data sets. Speeds are generally several orders of magnitude faster than alternatives.
Expandable platforms need to easily grow and change to keep pace with company needs. The X10SYS platform easily accommodates future changes without reworking the data models. The solution is open to any BI tool or application development domain. Open data can be published using the embedded API Manager. A centralized dashboard is built so that it allows the user to view all data in real-time.